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What our members say

" We are happy to associate ourselves with Khyaal. Although it is a virtual service & have not met the caregivers in person, I feel you are just like a part of my family. In this hustle & bustle of life, there are organizations like Khyaal who take care of people like us. It is a really good feeling. The way you guided me with the nutrition, physical activities and the medicine reminders is really commendable."
" Khyaal as an organization is very useful to the elders who are above 60 years.They are very dependable when it comes to sending medicine reminders as well as keeping a track of the medication and for doctor consultations. I am very happy to receive these messages on a daily basis and this will be very helpful for all the elders like me."
" The experience with Khyaal has been good. The fact that you are taking alot of interest in the welfare of senior citizens is really good. Medication reminders which you send is very helpful as I used to forget taking my medicines. Khyaal in itself is a really good concept & keep up the good work."

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Meet our Caregivers


Chinmoyee Borah

Chinmoyee is care professional with vast experience in multiple industries like EdTech, Banking, Finance, and customer service. She is an MBA graduate and with her prior experience, she understands the needs of the customer and provides them with utmost care and guidance. Patience, empathy and affection are the core values of Khyaal. Handling client needs & catering to them with it is the strength that she possesses and has always been her pillars of accomplishment.

Prajakta Harwande

Prajakta is a Counseling Psychologist with 6 years of experience working at mental health clinics and NGO's. She has worked with both children & adults. She is a people's person and makes her client of any age feel very comfortable and they open up to her. She is very empathetic and just talking to her makes clients feel at ease. She also has a Youtube channel where she has covered different topics related to psychological aspects of children & adults. Her videos are aimed to help people to deal with different issues and makes their life easier.

Mariya Uthup

Mariya is a certified Clinical Psychologist with 3 years of experience working at multiple organizations. She is trained in psychotherapies like cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, solution focus model therapy, relapse prevention, anger/ stress management, and group therapies. Her methodology is simple and has been successful in assisting adults, children and elderly.

Merwyn Lobo

Merwyn is an experienced healthcare professional with over 6 years experience in Healthcare Operations. Having handled several corporate and individual hospital accounts, his core strength lies in leading health-care unit operations. With his experience in setting up ICU's at home & having dealt with elders & emergencies at his stint with Healthcare at Home, his experience comes in handy in leading the Khyaal caregiver team.

Prachi Asrani

Prachi is a Certified Dietician and a trained wellness professional. She has worked with international brands like Hyatt, Marriot & Novotel & having trained under tops chefs, she brings her extensive knowledge & experience in handling the nutritional requirements of the Khyaal members. Her result oriented approach has helped her in achieving the targets she has set for her clients as well as tracking the growth of her members which is an important part of the Khyaal genealogy.